“Allow whatever is there to become sound.”


Esther Pallejà is a voice coach, somatic bodyworker, and founder of Talk Breathe Touch. She specializes in creating safe environments where people learn to explore their inner world, reconnect with their needs, and regain their balance—using her experience as an actress and voice coach to help people express themselves more authentically.

"Everyone has a song for each moment of their life. You just need to connect with your intimate being and allow whatever is there to become sound." —Esther

In private sessions, personalized retreats, and group workshops, Esther uses a gentle touch and verbal communication to accompany people through their own life-changing processes and experiences.

As a little girl, she sang for her teachers and relatives. In her late teens, she sang from trapeze bars across Barcelona. And as an adult, singing was what she enjoyed most as an actress.

With Mantranima, she found her personal way to put together her spiritual practice, passion for singing, and vocation for helping others express themselves.