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The Authentic Life Retreat

What does it mean to live an authentic life? And how do we know when we’re really living authentically? What is our inner voice trying to tell us? How do we express our voice out into the world?

The mechanics of our lives make it difficult to live an authentic life. We get stuck in patterns, we apply molded learnings from our past, and we say “We’re busy” when our inner voice seeks to speak to us.  

This year, Mantranima will be hosting their first annual retreat “The Authentic Life” on beautiful Hornby Island. Chosen for its pristine natural setting, sunny climate, and memorable friendships, the island helps bring us back to the simple sophistication of living a genuine life.

Through a series of workshops [link to spot in page], creative activities [link to spot in page], and guided conversations [link to spot in page], we invite you to (re)discover what it means to live an authentic life, during four unforgettable days in July on the beautiful grounds of SUN DOOR YOGA.

Hosted by Marc & Esther from Mantranima, the retreat will also feature special guests from the Island.

All are welcome, no prior experience needed.

Earlier Event: March 31
A living Voice (one-day workshop)