Marc Cinanni is a musician and writer. After an illness challenged his health in 2009, he began experimenting with chants and focus exercises to strengthen his mind and body. The result was full personal renewal and the creation of Mantranima—a way to share his knowledge with others by combining his love of music and passion for personal transformation.

“Growing up in a musical family means you always have a song playing in your head. The tricky part is finding the music that belongs in your heart.” —Marc

In 1999, I met Sri Vasudeva and embarked on a search for meaning. But it wasn’t until a visit to his ashram in 2010 that I felt a thunderbolt hit me straight in the chest.

There, amidst the green hills of Trinidad, I found myself falling in love with the rhythm and words of ancient Sanskrit chants.

It’s a far journey from my roots as a classical pianist. And an even farther world from the Italian ballads I grew up hearing on my dad's accordion.

That's why Mantranima is so special to me. It gives me freedom to explore my entire Self.