Mantranima Releases Debut Album


The musical duo of Sitgetana Esther Palleja and Canadian Marc Cinanni unveil their first album in Sitges 

By Bàrbara Scuderi

This article first appeared in Catalan in L’Eco de Sitges

Mantranima’s first album is many things. A sensory experience, an ode to Indian music, and the harmonic brilliance of vocal coach Esther Pallejà and musician Marc Cinanni over the drone of a harmonium.

After almost three years of performing at festivals in Cataluña and the South of France—as well as in various locations across Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona and Tarragona—Mantranima is  releasing their first album titled The Barcelona Kirtan Project.

Arranged by Cinanni, pianist and composer, the album contains 8 songs including popular mantras such as Om Tare Tu Tare, Om Mani Padme Hum, Ganesha Sharanam, and Sri Ram, as well as the song “Ama,” which is dedicated to their daughter.

Partners in life and in music, Marc’s and Esther’s spiritual connection flows freely through the harmony of their voices into a universe of meditation, relaxation and “Disconnection or connection, depending on how you see it,” says Pallejà. 

Indian music and Mediterranean flavors flow smoothly throughout the album.

The symbolism of Mantranima’s songs unveils itself as a musical experience which is both physical and sensory. Through repetition, the Sanskrit words and sounds of their songs are an ode to balance, freedom, and deep reflection.

The album includes the participation of producer and percussionist Roger Gascon, who plays sitar, tabla, and other instruments on the CD. Esther Umbert’s cello also complements Pallejà’s and Cinanni’s vocal harmonies, creating melodies that blend into an ambient soundscape.

The presentation of the album will take place the 1st of October at 7pm at Chiringuito de la Marina d’Aiguadolç. “More than a concert, it will be a party. We’ll play some of the songs live, and we’re very happy to present the album Sitges” adds Pallejà. This will be the first presentation before the album’s official release in Barcelona in the upcoming months.  

“We’re offering a proposal to chant for yourself, with others, or to connect to a more peaceful place.”
— Esther Pallejà

Esther Pallejà has lived in Sitges for 18 years, where she works as a voice coach and is also a teacher in Barcelona. She studied at Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and although she doesn’t work as an actress anymore, she has performed in different companies in Spain, Europe, and Latin America.

Marc Cinanni, a Canadian of Italian origin, has lived in Sitges since 2013. Born into a family of musicians, he received Royal Conservatory piano training but has evolved into a multi-instrumentalist. His visit to Sri Vasudeva’s Ashram in 2010 awoke his spirituality and led him to play the harmonium, a wind instrument with keyboard from India.

Mantranima’s connection is strong, both artistically and as partners. Today, we live this unity through the intensity of their first album. 

The Barcelona Kirtan Project is available for purchase and download here.