My Mom’s Throat Chakra [Video]

And what her voice was trying to tell her.

I always remember my mother clearing her throat. It was a tick that wasn’t very noticeable but present enough for me to remember.

She grew up shy and reserved—hiding from the world—as if she was holding some invisible wish. But I always wondered: What was it?

My mom always had trouble expressing herself, her emotions, her truth. She had no problem speaking up when it came to things like political opinions and she would shout her soul out (and still does) during demonstrations.

But when it came to her own feelings—good or bad—she was like a stone.


Here’s how you can start working on your fifth chakra.


Vishudda, the throat Chakra

More Than a Voice

The fifth chakra is known as the throat chakra. It’s located in the neck area and governs the anatomical regions of the thyroid, parathyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue, and larynx.

Of course, this chakra relates to our physical voice. But there are other gifts to the throat chakra. Things like accepting your originality, using your creativity, and embodying and expressing your authentic self.

My mom’s fifth chakra was telling her something beyond the dryness in her throat. Something beyond her fear to be seen and listened to, or her inability to express her true feelings. All those were just symptoms.

The real struggle of that young woman was knowing how to live authentically, or how to live the life she really wanted for herself. She didn’t know how to touch base with her real feelings and yearnings. So it was impossible for her to express them.

Her throat was wisely pointing her towards the direction where she needed to focus. All she had to do was listen.

Fifth Chakra and Self-Realization

Find Your Truth

To express our truth, first we need to find the truth within us. We need to explore our true vocation, voice it out, and then own it.

That’s why exploring your voice and your throat chakra through breathing, singing, or writing can reveal many significant aspects of your life. It can have a great influence on your relations, your career, and your next creative project.

I don’t think my mom’s true wish was to be invisible. Years later, she would say that her untouched dream was actually to be a singer. What? I seldom heard her sing, or even hum.

Funny enough, both my sister and I are singers. Yes, transgenerational healing is possible. But why would you want to wait until that happens?

Had my mom dared to sing, I might not have been writing these words.

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